About Me

I am a Cyber Security professional with experience in security operations and threat intelligence. However my background is as a software developer and embedded systems engineer with a passion in robotics. I am hoping to merge these two interests together in the future and work in advancing security in robotics and embedded systems.

I am the type of person who has a  server rack in my apartment and I host my own malware research lab (I am sure that Cox loves that). I have been working on making improvements to the open source Cuckoo Sandbox and I am hoping to make it publicly available in the near future. Lately I have been very focused in malware reverse engineering and investigations.

As a software engineer I love to automate anything and everything I can. This come from my passion of robotics and artificial intelligence. I am mostly focused on backend software development. My latest project has been fully automating out my apartment using SmartThings and Amazon Echo and lots of custom software (I will be posting more about this soon).

I will be adding more to the about me page.. Please check back again soon.


You can reach me at: contact [at] zpriddy [dot] com

Most of my projects are available on GitHub at: https://github.com/zpriddy