Beta Testing Amazon Echo With SmartThings

Today I finally started a public rollout of my Amazon Echo and SmartThings integration. I am happy to say that it is currently running very smoothly!

Alexa Beta Front Page Screenshot

I have moved this out of my home server and into a VPS that is publicly available. I decided to go with a limited public rollout so that I can keep an eye on my server load and make sure that it can hold up to the demand. So far I am very impressed with it.

I am hoping to bring my Nest integration into the same web interface to allow people to control both their Nest and SmartThings.


  • I moved away from using your Amazon Echo ID ( a different Id is provided to each Alexa Skill - It is unique to the user and the skill ) as a way to identify you to the web interface. Instead I went with a randomly generated one time use ID that is displayed in the Echo App that will let you authorize OAuth and pull down sample utterances.
  • All possible sample utterances are generated for your system and then you are able to pull them down from the web interface and submit them to you ASK portal.
  • Currently I support changing moods and turning on/off switches.


  • Add support for HelloHome functions.
  • Add support for Dimmers
  • Add support for Hue Color Changing Lights
  • Add in a help function
  • Add in the ability to check status, i.e.: - 'Alexa, are any windows open?' - 'Alexa, are my doors locked?'


As soon as I verify that the server can hold up to this load I will go and make the site publicly available. I will also open up my code on Github as soon as I am conferrable with the current state of it.

Please check back for more updates.

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