Firefly Home Intro

This is an introduction into Firefly Home

Firefly is an open source home automation system that I have been working on for over two years now. Since I have started work on it I have been running everything in my house off of Firefly. I have recently moved to cloud based remote actions and support Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The core of the system is a RaspberryPi and Firefly is written in Python3. I support Z-Wave, Hue, Nest, OwnTracks, iBeacon with more support coming soon. (Lightify, Nest Camera, Zigbee, etc.)

The focus of Firefly is to mostly be automatic and voice controlled, Ideally you should never need to pull out your phone to control anything. Firefly acts as the central hub for all of your connected devices allowing them to all work together.

The web interface and remote actions are built on top of AngularJS and Firebase allowing scalability.

This is only the first post about Firefly and I plan to post more details about it soon!

Github for Firefly

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