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I am happy to say that I am finally rolling out the free public service of my Alexa Projects!

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After about a month of beta testers I am finally opening up the public link to my Alexa Projects! This project allows users to link their Nest account or SmartThings home hub to the Amazon Echo. This functionality is something that both of these projects have been missing and I am able to provide a solution to the missing link.

With both of these services you will have to make a developer account on Amazon to create the skill. For Nest support you will just have to link your Nest account to the service. For the SmartThings service you will also have to create a SmartApp and link the service to your SmartThings Account. The setup instructions are provided on the ZPriddy Alexa Projects Site.

You can access everything at my ZPriddy Alexa Projects Site.


  • I have many SmartThings functions supported: - 'Alexa, tell Smart Things to say I'm Home' - 'Alexa, tell Smart Things to turn off kitchen lights' - 'Alexa, tell Smart Things to set mode to Away'
  • I have basic Nest Support: - 'Alexa, tell Nest to set temperature to 74' - 'Alexa, tell Nest that Im a little warm' - 'Alexa, tell Nest to set mode to away'


  • Add support for SmartThings Dimmers
  • Add support for SmartThings Hue Color Changing Lights
  • Add in the ability to check status, i.e.: - 'Alexa, are any windows open?' - 'Alexa, are my doors locked?'


As always my code is available on my GitHub

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