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ZPriddy Alexa Projects

I am happy to say that I am finally rolling out the free public service of my Alexa Projects!

ZPriddy Alexa Projects Screenshot

After about a month of beta testers I am finally opening up the public link to my Alexa Projects! This project allows users to link their Nest account or SmartThings home ...

EchoNestPy - Alexa meet Nest via Python


EchoNestPy is a python based API server running on flask. It allows the Amazon Echo to talk to the server and then the server will talk to your Nest allowing you to control it. This version is setup to allow multiple Amazon Echo users to share the same ...

Python Nest Data Logger

A while ago I got a Nest Thermostat and it was fantastic! However living in Arizona the heat of the summer was just about to come around… And what it did. The heat of my servers in the office kept tripping the nest to run more. Something I wasn’t ...