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EchoPy - Amazon Echo Hello World Demo In Python

I have been getting a few requests for my EchoPy Hello World demo to get posted on my GitHub because the complexity of the EchoPyNest and EchoPySmartThings is a little much to learn how to work with the Amazon Echo.

This Hello World demo is a clone of the demo ...

Alexa and SmartThings

I have been working towards getting the Amazon Echo to play friendly with SmartThings(Mostly because I am heavily invested in SmartThings…)

This is a teaser of the progress that I have made.. Not too much more to go.. I hope to have it posted to GitHub this week.

EchoNestPy - Alexa meet Nest via Python


EchoNestPy is a python based API server running on flask. It allows the Amazon Echo to talk to the server and then the server will talk to your Nest allowing you to control it. This version is setup to allow multiple Amazon Echo users to share the same ...

Cox Issues.. And my workaround..

So lately I have been having some issues with Cox and my internet.. For some reason they keep putting my modem in a maintenance down state and they don’t bring it back up..   I have various logs and what not from the modem and the monitoring of my network ...

Python Nest Data Logger

A while ago I got a Nest Thermostat and it was fantastic! However living in Arizona the heat of the summer was just about to come around… And what it did. The heat of my servers in the office kept tripping the nest to run more. Something I wasn’t ...