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ZPriddy Alexa Projects

I am happy to say that I am finally rolling out the free public service of my Alexa Projects!

ZPriddy Alexa Projects Screenshot

After about a month of beta testers I am finally opening up the public link to my Alexa Projects! This project allows users to link their Nest account or SmartThings home ...

Beta Testing Amazon Echo With SmartThings

Today I finally started a public rollout of my Amazon Echo and SmartThings integration. I am happy to say that it is currently running very smoothly!

Alexa Beta Front Page Screenshot

I have moved this out of my home server and into a VPS that is publicly available. I decided to go with a limited ...

Alexa and SmartThings

I have been working towards getting the Amazon Echo to play friendly with SmartThings(Mostly because I am heavily invested in SmartThingsā€¦)

This is a teaser of the progress that I have made.. Not too much more to go.. I hope to have it posted to GitHub this week.